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Moroso Water Pump UNIVERSAL

Brand: Moroso | Category: Water Pumps


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63510 Water Pump Spacer Kit
Converts 'Short' to 'Long' Design
Size 1-7/32" Long
63541 Water Pump/Radiator Hose Adapter
Size 1" NPT to -16AN hose
63542 Water Pump/Radiator Hose Adapter
Size 1" NPT to 1-1/2" hose
63543 Water Pump/Radiator Hose Adapter
Size 1" NPT to 1-3/4" hose
63544 Water Pump/Radiator Hose Adapter
Size 1" NPT to 1-1/4" hose
63570 Electric Water Pump
Remote Mount
63610 Water Pump Spacer Kit
Converts Short Water Pump to Long Late-Model Design
Material Cast Aluminum
Size 1-9/16" Long
63750 Electric Water Pump Drive Kit
97210 12-Volt Electric Motor
For Water Pump 63750
97220 Water Pump Pulley
For Water Pump 63750
97230 21" Belt for Electric Water Pump
For Water Pump 63750
97250 Electric Motor Pulley
For Water Pump 63750
97252 14-Tooth Water Pump Pulley
Increases pump speed by 28%.
97255 Pump Seal & Gasket Kit
For Elec Water Pump
97257 Electric Motor
For Elec Water Pump
97450 Gasket & Seal Kit
For Mech Water Pump
63521 Electric Water Pump/Radiator Hose Adapter
Size -16AN X 1 1/4" Hose
63522 Electric Water Pump/Radiator Hose Adapter
Size -16AN X 1-1/2" Hose
63523 Electric Water Pump/Radiator Hose Adapter
Size -16AN X 1-3/4" Hose
63525 Electric Water Pump/Radiator Hose Adapter
Size 16AN X -20AN Hose
63511 Electric Water Pump Spacer Kit
Fits Up To 1968 SBC & 90Deg GM V6

Product Description

Moroso first pioneered the aluminum water pump for racing over 25 years ago. Over the years, continual improvements have resulted in providing the best cooling system components available for competition use. Computer designed housing cast from 356-T6 aluminum and lightweight impellers are engineered to maintain consistent coolant temperature throughout the water jacket, preventing localized boiling, detonation, head warping and cracking, etc.

Moroso Billet Electric Water Pumps are the latest in cooling technology. They pump up to 21% more water through the system
during actual operating conditions than any competing pump!

  • Electric motor with heavy-duty windings, precision balancing, long-life brushes, stainless steel shaft, and sealed ball bearings is superior in quality and performance to any other brand
  • Mounts directly to stock water pump location, incl. stainless steel mounting hardware & gasket for simple installation
  • Eliminates drive belt and fan to save weight and horsepower, while providing maximum circulation to improve cooling efficiency during all driving conditions, especially while idling
  • Compatible with 12 and 16 volt systems
  • High-temperature Viton® seal eliminates leaks
  • Machined with 1” NPT inlet holes (except B.B.Mopar)
  • Use with hose adapters sold below


  • Engine dyno tests prove that many water pumps produce severe drag on the engines at high RPM, absorbing as much as 15-20 HP
  • Universal application fits virtually every American V8 or V6 engine, including Chevy V8 and 90° V6 either “short” or “long” design, Ford 351C, 351W, Ford Big Block and Chrysler Small and Big Blocks
  • Comes complete with 12 volt electric motor, all drive pulleys, belt, fasteners, and toggle switch
  • Intended for Drag Race applications only
  • Use with Moroso Thermostatic Switch No. 63760 and Alternator Mount Drive Kits

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